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Vintage Touches For Your Home Renovation

Vintage Touches for your Home Renovation

There’s too many styles to name in interior and architectural design. In the increasingly modern world, though, people are rediscovering old ‘vintage’ touches and using them in their house extensions. But ‘vintage’ means different things to different people. We’ve combined a ‘vintage touch’ with a home extension type to pin to your ideas board.

Dining: Weathered Wooden Finish

Some people hear ‘vintage’ and think ‘old’. But old isn’t always broken! Homeowners will go to dumps and recycle shops for weathered old timber with flaking paint. Sanded down, these bits and pieces get new life as kitchen furniture. You can extend this style into the kitchen by choosing an old wooden cabinet as a ‘new’ island bench and sink unit. Just adapt it for the plumber and get the sink fitted.

Kitchen: Vintage Americana

American diners have exploded on the scene once more and their style is reinserting itself into Australian kitchens. The red furniture/black and white tile combo is too in-your-face for some people, but you can still get the look seen in movies and posters. Find a pastel paint and use white tiles as a backsplash to complete the colour scheme. American-style kitchens usually have the dining attached, as seen below.

(via The Decoist)

Bedroom: French boudoir

The French are known for their decadence, from their sense of style to cuisine. Homes were meant for showing off; just look at Versailles. We’re not suggesting you talk to the builder about finding a painter to do Renaissance murals on the walls. But you can make do with some elegant wallpaper and white linen. A puffy doona and overstuffed pillows with black seamed edging will complete the look.asdasdasd

(Via French Bedroom Company)

Study: Old English library

You won’t dedicate your entire house extension to a den or study. But if you do, it’s a quiet space anyone can use to their advantage. It’s also an ‘academic’s space’ that you can accessorise as much or as little as you want. When you’re chatting with the interior designer, make sure you bring in reference material. For a vintage feel you can choose inset timber shelves with a dark stain. Add couches in aged leather and a stained timber desk to add to the look. You frame old maps or even newspaper articles to accessorise the wall space you have available. 

Bathroom: Robin’s egg blue

This classic shade screams old English style. Combined with a claw-footed bathtub and a high-perched view over the yard, it becomes more ‘timeless’ than ‘vintage’. The below image (via Decoist) isn’t quite the same shade, but the feeling is the same.

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