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Take your outdoor living to the next level

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Take your outdoor living to the next level

Not everyone wants to go out all the time and after your home renovation or new build is complete, you won’t either. Adding these elements into your plans during the design stages guarantee a final product that might turn you into a massive homebody, and also attract a whole host of new friends.

Outdoor barbecue/firepit

Outdoor living is a quintessential part of Australian life and if you have the land, you best use it! What’s a Sunday without a Sunday barbecue?

An outdoor patio with a brick base will support the barbecue and be a safe surface for the firepit to sit on. Pull a couple of deckchairs over, add some comfortable cushions, and a throw rug, and you’re good to go!

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Outdoor kitchen

Alternatively, if you’re building an investment property, including an outdoor cooking area will give the home a great selling point . A wood-fire pizza oven would make the perfect addition to this, perfect for footy nights and family get-togethers. Check out your local barbecue supplier for available options.


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Spa bath

Because sometimes we just need to RELAX. A spa bath is a luxury that you’ll never want to leave, especially if it comes with jets. It’s not uncommon to base your bathroom around the bathtub or the spa. This is especially true with the spa, because it’s not a freestanding fixture. After a long week at work, it’s likely you’ll be found soaking your worries away in the tub or mixing it up in the…

Bar area

An area dedicated to beer, cocktails, and entertainment won’t just turn you into a homebody - it will turn your home into everyone's favourite destination! Whether your budget allows for a fitted structure or a weekend project after completion - personalisation is key! 

Add trims and fixtures to your match your style such as:

- Whites and light wood with texture for a coastal feel. Add glass lanterns and a touch of rope.

- Go industrial with iron and metallics paired with concrete or brick.

- Recycle crates or barrels for something some rustic. Dress it up with tonnes of fairy lights.

- Feel like your on a Balinese holiday with bamboo or cane and lush greenery.

- For a finishing touch add signage to name your bar and create a delicious signature drink.

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Seating and Space

Is your current outdoor space big enough for your lifestyle? Or perhaps the size allocated on your plan is a little large for your needs. These are things you will discuss with your builder when they customising the new design or renovation to you.

When project is completed, will you have enough seating for all the guests who will be fighting for an invitation to your fabulous backyard warming party? You may not need a 12 seater dining set but an extra chair or multi-purpose ottoman/seat could be more than enough.

Your local interiors store is about to become your best friend! Toss faded, ripped or mouldy cushions and dress up your new seating with some fresh upholstery.

Happy planning!

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